Thank you for the opportunity to introduce to you FuelTec, Inc., a company with more than a decade of experience
in the field of Environmental Compliance and Fuel Polishing.

FuelTec, Inc. is a Veteran Owned, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Environmental Compliance Organization with all the required certifications, training and experience to handle projects related to Fuel Polishing, Hazardous Waste Removal, Compliance Testing, and Repairs of Fuel Storage Tanks. We are based in the Los Angeles area but conduct large and small projects throughout Southern and Northern California.

Since opening, FuelTec, Inc. has continuously been the local leader in state-of-the-art fuel polishing technology. As this technology was developed it was recognized that we could remove much more than water. We found that we were also able to remove the particles and bacteria which build up in diesel fuel tanks.

Since the new method involved Polishing the fuel to remove all impurities, this rejuvenating process was making engines and equipment generate more environmentally friendly emissions. As time went by more and more benefits were discovered with updated fuel polishing methods. It is our hope to become the leader in green technologies to help encourage the best methods of energy use.                                                                                                      Visit FuelTec Capabilities page.

"I am personally grateful for this opportunity and very pleased to offer you a customized quotation for any of the services you may require related to your Fuel Storage Tank."


Best regards,
Caesar Torres - President

Tel: (909) 743-9725    Email:
DVBE/SB #2001934
DBE #43588
SBE #7211
LSBE #178867 (LA County)
DIR PWC # 1000043572

FuelTec, Inc.
1142 S Diamond Bar Blvd #263 Diamond Bar, CA 91765
CSLB License# 1011678 (A Haz) CA/MC #483114